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Submitted on
March 11, 2012


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March 2hr Speed Paint Study Group

Sun Mar 11, 2012, 7:57 AM

Well since Sparkyyy's speed paint challenges are on break this month, I still feel the itch to keep practicing and keeping my hand warm for next month. So Bahkana, Marla and I sort of had this idea to have a few images we choose to do for the month. You can do them in any order and when ever you can get a study done. Same rules apply, 2hr time limit, no tracing, no color picking. The images you chose can be of any subject matter so long as its feasible to do within the 2hr time limit. Portraits, landscapes, animals, are a good choice as well as light architecture. Preferred if its photo you have taken, but not required. Just would be kinda neat to do something personal ^^ Anyone can join in and practice, just add a comment or send a note of your work! ^^

side note, not sure what to do about critiques... maybe we can ask sparkyyy to do guess crits? O_o

[EDIT] WOOT were in the home stretch! I plan on  finishing up the remaining few Saturday morning. Depending on everyone schedules, wanted to know if those participating wanted to get on skype and sort of review the month, sort of self critique each other? Perhaps Sunday morning if anyone is free? Let me know! ^^

:iconbahkana: Bahkana Entry 1 Stone wall and foliage study
Walled Garden by Bahkana

March Speedpaint 1 by Bahkana March 10th Speed Paint Challenge by charfade March Speedpaint 1 by madam-marla Walled Garden Speedpaint by Wolkenfels march 10 speedpaint by Vimes-DA March Speedpaint 1 by Pheoniic March Speed Paint 1 by LadyBeluga

:iconmadam-marla: madam-marla Entry 2 Rock and water study
Photo to be speedpainted by madam-marla

March Speedpaint 2 by Bahkana Speedpaint 2 rocky beach by Wolkenfels March Speedpaint 2 by madam-marla March 14th Speed Paint Challenge by charfade  Speedpaint entry 2 by Vimes-DA

:iconcharfade: charfade Entry 3 Child portrait and value study
Liam Portrait for speed paint by charfade

speedpaint 3 child portrait by Wolkenfels March SpeedPaint 3 by Bahkana March Speedpaint 3 by madam-marla Liam by muzski

:iconvimes-da: vimes Entry 4  Portrait shapes and value study
Asaro reference by Vimes-DA

March 21st Speed Paint Challenge by charfade March SpeedPaint 4 by Bahkana March Speedpainting Study 4 by ValliantCreations Speedpaint 5 head by Wolkenfels

:iconwolkenfels: Wolkenfels Entry 5
Carnival costume by Wolkenfels and or United Kingdom 37 by dierat-stock

speedpaint 5 by Wolkenfels

:iconladybeluga: LadyBeluga Entry 6
Pansies for March Speed Paint by LadyBeluga

speedpaint 6 flowers by Wolkenfels April 1st Speed Paint Challenge by charfade Speed Paint April 1 by Bahkana

[personal edit]
Sometimes while working, or in-between doing something I'll update this page, and I all wont have the time to give my feed back. Please dont take it personal if I didn't comment right away. I like to really take time to study an image before I give feedback. When I can I'll update it because I feel its better then to have everyone waiting for me to do so.  <3 Thanks for understanding <3

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Hi! Around the end of May I found this by googling 'speedpaint challenge' and tried it, but I only just recently uploaded the ones I did to dA.
Hope that's okay even though its not March anymore.
LadyBeluga Mar 31, 2012   Digital Artist
Here's my speed paint for the first entry [link]

I feel so lame for only completing just one of the entries. :( And to think that the April speed paint challenge starts tomorrow! D:
here is number 6 :[link]
finally got to that black white head... [link]
I try my best, but i think i wont be able to do all the rest. Would be nice to catch you online saturday or sunday .. but i don't know my wifes plans for the weekend yet. we will see... :)
Vellosia Mar 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I have not done any speed paints yet, but I did a 45 minute sketch on a fictional environment! [link]
ValliantCreations Mar 24, 2012   Digital Artist
My painting for entry #4: [link]
second speedpaint [link]
LadyBeluga Mar 21, 2012   Digital Artist
Here's my entry [link]

Sorry for taking so long to get it up. I've been so busy. x.x

I'm going to set aside some time to get some of these challenges done before the end of the month, too. I really need the practice.
lolz np and like wise! adding!
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